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Why is there *still* no app for prepaid customers?

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It's been "in the works" for a loooong time. The prepaid website is barely usable from a PC connected to normal wifi, and practically unusable on a phone.

We prepaid customers like giving you money Koodo! Make it a little bit easier for us!

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Agreed! Hoping to hear about (in the very least) plans soon...
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Maybe they just don't care. Even Tracfone in the US which is renowned for offloading customer service to incoherent offshore has an app that can at least tell you your balances. They make it easy to buy time or other services over the air. Why not Koodo for at least these basic services?
I would love o see an app for prepaid would make my life much more user friendly as I have 4 phones I have to make purchases for Helooooo Koodo lets get this problem fixed