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why does your phone stop working after you change your phone number?

Changing your phone number, doing it online and it showing up as the process has been completed, and my koodo profile shows my new choosen number.. 

Tried making phone calls and they end up not going through, but a koodo repersantive tried calling my new number, it rang and worked on her end of the phone but for some reason it didnt even show that their was a call coming through to my phone when she tried! Need help on what to do cause i could also get a new phone thursday if nothing works on thursday.. ? What does this mean for my phone not working? My due date for my prepaid bill is on the 27th.. 

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Hi Kait, Have you tried rebooting the device or taking the sim card out and reinserting it?
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Hey Kait!  Daniel is right, most of the time you would need to turn off/on your phone for the new phone number to come in effect.  Let us know if your phone works now 🙂 !