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Which SIM card do I need for my Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I want to switch it to prepaid. Which SIM card should I buy? How do I know if I need the micro or not? Are SIM cards only sold online and at Koodo stores, or are they sold at gas stations or somewhere like that?

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You need a standard sized prepaid sim. You can find one online, at koodo shops, Walmart, best buy.
For choosing your pre paid sim card,Go to a phone shop in town, tell them what you want, they can advise.Before getting your cell phone service provider,Make sure your iphone 3gs is unlocked and accept that carrier,If it's restricted by other network carrier means,You will need to unlock your phone.For unlocking you can approach your current network provider or else try to buy an unlocking service from any one of the online unlocking service provider like http://www.wickedunlock.com/samsung-galaxy-ace/rs5wp9/ I hope it will be very useful to you