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Where did the money in "amount due" come from?

In my Overview, beneath my current balance, it says "Amount due" and states an amount of money. I'm not sure where this amount came from though, can anyone tell me? I used to have $17.50 as my current balance but then bought a $10 data booster, which left me with $10.50. Apparently, I have $7.50 due as well. 

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Your math is confusing me. $17.50 minus $10.00 would be $7.50, not $10.50.

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Can you share a screen shot of what you are seeing (with any personal info removed of course)?
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On prepaid, the "amount due" is the difference between your monthly base plan amount (before tax) and whatever accumulated credit you have in the account.

For example, my monthly top-up amount is $15, and I have $13.50 in accumulated credit, so it shows $1.50 as the amount due.

if you have automatic top-up activated, the system will always top up from your credit card or Visa debit with the full amount you specify,  and will not touch the accumulated credit at all, unless the specified amount is less than your base plan value.

In your example, you had $17.50 credit and bought a $10 booster, leaving you with $7.50. If your base plan costs $15, then it would show $7.50 as the amount due.