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Where can I check that I have got the Koodo Prepaid limited time offer?

On the prepaid self serve, I have the following offer on my overview page: " Limited time offer! Get a FREE 100 minute Talk Booster add-on when you register your credit or Visa Debit card. Registering your credit or Visa Debit card will allow you to top-up your account quicker and easier! Click here to register your credit or Visa Debit card. Plus, save 10% on your monthly base plan each time it’s renewed when you have automatic top-ups on your account. Click here to register for automatic top-ups. " So I went ahead and added my credit card and signed up for automatic top-up for my next renew date (which is tomorrow). But so far my Base plan summary still says $15/30 days and I still have not received the 100 extra minute booster in the booster usage page. Is that normal? I would assume I would have to somehow be able to check my booster usage at least... Would really appreciate any thoughts!

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It takes a few hours to be added, Bill. You can find if you got it in self service, under Base Plan & Boosters - Booster usage. There it will say Talk Booster Add-On 100 Bonus 🙂
Should also be able to check by dialing #611