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When will phone number transfer be made? When I get new phone or when purchase is made

I'm currently in the process of buying a new phone and switching from a pre-paid koodo/ account to a tab. It's giving me the option to get a new number or transfer my current number. I'd like to keep my number, but I' want to know when this transfer will take place. If it's right away, that means I'll be without a active phone number until my new one arrives in the mail. Is that the case?

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Hi Connor, your best to set it up as a new number IMO nomatter what to make sure everything works and your satisfied because if you were to return and cancel the account then you'd lose the number anyways unless you went through the trouble of porting out again
So I'd say set up as a new number and then once you know your satisfied and want to keep it and everything then perform the port of your old number to the new account through your self serve account.
Ok, thanks. I didn't know that was an option.