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when is the prepaid selfserve section supposed to be back up. I cannot access my account

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It's up for me, John. What error are you getting? Try Ctrl-F5 and see if that resolves it for you....
This is the error, The login information you've entered doesn't match our records. More than 4 unsuccessful attempts will cause your Self Serve account to be locked for one hour. If you can't remember your login, please reset your password. Also getting this when i try and retrieve my password, We have no record of an account matching the username or email address you have entered. Please re-enter your username or email address
Also getting this message when clicking on prepaidselfserve, We’re updating our systems.You won’t be able to access our online services and our Reps won’t be able to access your account. But don’t worry, you can always ask our Koodo Community or check out Help if you need answers to general questions. We’ll be up and running again soon
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Wow, that is odd... mine is up but very, VERY slow. Seems they might indeed experiencing some problems right now. You can do most things (such as top up or check your balance) by calling 611 as well... just a heads up while we wait for things to turn back to normal 🙂
Thanks for the reply Sophia, It looks like they are having problems with the account names and passwords as i was able to do what I had to do by creating a new account with a different email address. My old account is still inaccessable. Btw fyi it now seems that if you want to talk to a live person on *611 Koodo will now charge you $5.00 for that pleasure. Cheers
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John P wrote:

Thanks for the reply Sophia, It looks like they are having problems with the account names an...

It is a very misleading message on that voice prompt... But you won't get charged for troubleshooting a problem, trust me. A long shot: have you ever had an account with Public Mobile by any chance?