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what should i dooo ??

so i got a pre paid phone about 3 weeks ago now and the 2nd week i had it ,it stopped charging and a battery with a question mark in it i went to take it back and they would not give me a new phone and they would not give me my money back i spent 200 bucks on it what should i do i need a phone asap for work and what not i just have not had the time to look into what i can do but now i neeeed it i would like my money back or a new phone or something !! help !!!!!

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Since it's beyond 15 days, you can't return it. However it does have a year's warranty so you can always go to a Koodo shop and request that if it comes to that point. Let's not assume that it's dead yet though. Which phone is it?
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Hello Jess -Are you using the original charger? -Try changing the USB cable you're using Read this : http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid/49510-droid-not-charging.html
ive tried everything to get it to come bk on i bought it from walmart and i took it back there and they tried and nothing !!! ill have to go to a koodo store i guess !! 😕