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What's the difference between the two $15/month prepaid base plans?

  • 3 August 2019
  • 3 replies

I've had a $15 prepaid base plan for some time, using non-expiring booster packs for talk and data. I was looking at the available plans today and I see that there's now a $15 plan that includes 250 MB/month of (expiring) data. Do I lose anything by switching to that just before my next bill? Will it use up the 250 MB and then start using my booster packs? If there's no disadvantage of that plan, why do they have both?


3 replies

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Nope! You don't lose anything if you do it the day before it expires essentially.

They don't have both plans available anymore. You are grandfathered and then you change to a different plan if you want.
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By all means, switch to new + 250 data baseplan a day before you are currently scheduled to renew. It covers a very substantial amount of emails for free, plus a fair amount of light browsing.

This is one gift horse you should jump on. Forget about counting teeth.
Thanks Bob and Goran.