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What do I do? Invalid SIM #

I entered the wrong IMEI number when setting up my Prepaid phone. I just tried to reenter the SIM number and correct IMEI and I get an invalid SIM?

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Not exactly sure how the prepaid side works, but the network should automatically detect the imei number as soon as the phone connects to the network. Invalid sim in this case likely means the sim has already been registered to the account. Try putting it in the phone and powering it on.
if worse comes to worse bring it in to your local store and have them take a look. worst cast you'll need a new SIM card.
I am using the Lenovo A789 smart phone. Android version ICS4.0.4. Build number A789_S221_XXXXXX .But when the system update then provides new build number A789_S233_130206. But SIM management now disables & both SIM can’t function. My set IMEI number 864855010964668. When I check IMEI number then show IMEI Invalid. Please give me instruction & help me immediately. Because I am very worried.anybody help me
" Invalid sim " indicates that your phone is locked with your carrier . Whats your mobile manufacturer and model ? To unlock your phone from carrier lock, use unlock code to unlock it . You can get it from any of the online vendors like http://www.prounlocking.com/supported-phones/rs8wp7/ to unlock it .