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Website Activation is Broken!

I just got my prepaid sim card and I have been trying all day to activate the thing online and the website just does not work...I get to selecting my base plan and my booster then the next screen always says "General Error...Oh No!" Then it says log out and in again, and the log in link just goes to a dead ip address...WTF! I have entered my info on like 5 pages 10times already...anyone else having problems with the website?

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Yes, it's been reported a few times now. Thanks for flagging, I have notified Koodo that there might be a problem 🙂
It's been almost 10 hours since I bought this prepaid sim and tried to activate my account, Koodo has had plenty of complaints about the issue since then and the Web site is still not fixed yet. This is terrible customer service.
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They weren't rude to you were they? Problems happen, Paul. Nothing to do with terrible customer service... things just go wrong on occasion. I'm not sure what you mean by "plenty of complaints". There were exactly 5 people who posted about it in this community and Koodo was informed the second we realized it was a pattern.
Sophia, do you work for Koodo? Because you are just way too much of a Koodo cheerleader. Is there anyone else on here besides yourself? How many hours ago did these complaints start coming in? I don't know what you do, but I am in IT server support, and when you are a company with client facing problems like this...you don't just ignore it for hours. You get it fixed immediately. This is utterly ridiculous! Wake your web developers up and fix it already Koodo.
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Paul Comtois wrote:

Sophia, do you work for Koodo? Because you are just way too much of a Koodo cheerleader. Is there...

Don't be so unreasonable, Paul. It was reported to Koodo two hours ago (around the time you posted your first message it in fact). I used to work in IT development (NOT with Koodo, I don't work for them, I'm just a volunteer here) and I know better than anybody that sometimes problems take time to solve. Just be patient... as all IT people will tell you when you bug them about a timeline: "it'll be fixed when it's fixed." Or as my husband, who was an electronics engineer with a major airline, would answer when nagged about a system outage "When will it be fixed!!!!!!!!!???????".............. "Just a minute, I'll ask God". You can rest assured that Koodo is not happy something is not working right now and will do their utmost to fix it as soon as they can.
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Hey Paul, The issue has been resolved and we thank you for your patience. You can go ahead and setup your account. Thank you. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star