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Weak battery

I have htc v .It's battery lose power at stand by mood every 2 and half days.is it normal?

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check to see if you have your bluetooth on and your wifi..tho's two always are searching for something to connect to and will drain your battery faster then normal
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That is really low if it is only on standby, most people I bought a HTC V for tell me it lasts them 4-5 days if they don't use it much. If they use it a lot, it gets to about 50% by the end of the day. I would first do a battery calibration. Let your phone completely discharge then charge it completely. Usually once does the trick, but sometimes twice is needed. Also, the HTC blog have published an article to help you maximize the battery life from your phone. http://blog.htc.com/2012/06/tips-n-tricks-for-improving-battery-life/ If you try different things and you are still getting low battery life, then I'd pay a visit to a koodo booth or call the HTC customer service as your phone's battery could be defective.
Hmm, I have a few friends that initially had this same issue with their HTC's, and also my own HTC One S, but after a few whole charge cycles like Don suggested, battery life did improve drastically. The same bluetooth and wifi status check from wiz-kidd also is important. I would also suggest checking your data enabled status. That's a battery power killer too, so I turn my data off when I don't need it so much. And also check what apps or resources are running in the "applications" section by looking in the "settings" option and then checking in the "status section" under "battery" and see the breakdown on what is using your power.
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justin wrote:

Hmm, I have a few friends that initially had this same issue with their HTC's, and also my own HT...

I've been using an app for a while on my galaxy s2x called Green Power Premium that does a great job of managing your phones battery use. Everything from bluetooth to wifi. Works great.
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There is no need to completely discharge a lithium-ion battery, in fact, you can do more harm than good. 15% would be the absolute minimum I would discharge a lithium ion battery, usually at around 20% is when my device goes on charge and it doesn't have to be a full charge either, 85% or 95% is sufficient and helps to prolong the overall life of the battery. The article below describes what goes on when charging and maintaining lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries and includes tips to prolong the life of your devices' battery. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries
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Hi Farhad! If you still have issues with your battery (after all these good tips given by the community), you should visit a Koodo Store. They’ll be able to give you more details and provide you with a solution, with/without the warranty. Find the nearest store from this link: http://koo.do/oR0Tvb I hope this helps!