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Want to start prepaid

The kookdo store near me only deals in plans. Can anyone tell me how to get an old phone that I own on to prepaid only??

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Hi Jill, Does the phone take a SIM card? (paramount for prepaid) If it does, all you need to do is order a prepaid SIM card from Koodo and activate it with a prepaid plan of your choice... and you're done 🙂 The card is $20 and comes with $20 credit... so basically free. https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/accessories/index.html If you are the brave type you can look on eBay and get the SIM cheaper, but ymmv 🙂
I searched for stores that sold prepaid and went to get one there just because i wasn't positive that they had the right sim card for my phone on line, but if the pictures look the same as yours i would order online. phone bill is basically the same as post paid but i can use more data as you buy boosters as you need them instead of paying for a plan with large data and phone minutes. I can use about 500mb data a month for less than the cheapest post paid plan.
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Yeah they'll have all the right sized prepaid SIMs available online. You're good. Stores are faster and easier but who wants to get up and actuallly do stuff these days? Lol