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Voucher didn't work so I used a prepaid gift card and I was charged twice

Hi, I bought a voucher from a near by gas station and it says the code isn't working. So I decided to use a prepaid card and I was charged twice trying to change my base plan.

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The voucher from the gas station probably went through. The money is 'held' or credited to your account until you decide where you want to apply the funds, (e.g. change baseplan, add talk or data boosters). This is assuming that your baseplan had not expired and that there were enough funds available to cover the cost of the new baseplan.

If the baseplan expired, the funds from the gas station voucher would have been applied to cover the cost of the existing baseplan, automatically. To change baseplans, additional funds are needed and if not available, might explain why the prepaid.gift card was charged.

To verify whether the top up voucher was applied or not, login to prepaid self serve. From the Overview section, click on the link, View Transaction History. You should be able to see your top up voucher listed if it was successfully applied. If you don't see the top up voucher, call 611 (wait for Billing prompt) and quote the reference number that appears above the 12 digit pin code on the receipt. There's no charge for this call.
Ah, so I had to pay the expired base plan.  Should've sticked with the previous base if I already paid for it, thanks for you quick reply!