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Voucher add on problem

I added a $15 talk top up 2 days ago and it looked ok, but I got 2 messages. Yesterday the message was that 'You h ave less than 10 minutes left in your Talk Booster', and today that I 'have no minutes left'. My balance is $15 - the amount that I added. What has happened?

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I'm confused. The only $15 purchase I see for pre-paid is the base SMS & Picture messaging plan. I believe you need add one of the Boosters at $5, $10 or $25 for minutes.

I bought a voucher for $15 total, which I added as a $5 and a $10. I think I may have missed a step somewhere after entering the voucher number. I'm confused too!!

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Simon, you added $15 in vouchers, but did you actually add the boosters? Just a heads up that you'd be much better off getting the $25 talk booster to get the best rates... I'd definitely not recommend getting the $5 and $10 separately 🙂