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Visa card

  • 30 April 2018
  • 2 replies

Got email saying, Your Visa Debit or credit card has not  been registered on your account.
Automatic top-ups were not activated on your account.  Please try again using  Self Serve . Having automatic top-ups on your account will save you 10% on your base plan when you renew it next month, and every month after that.....BUT when I check my Koodo account it sates that my card is registered and monthly top-ups will be charged to my card. (I do want the monthly top-ups but I am confussed. Is my visa card registered or not?

2 replies

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Hi Terry, did you just set it up or have you had auto top ups taken from that card prior?
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did it work in the past or it's the 1st time setting everything up. Give it 24h and recheck your self-serve; if the only site says all good just leave it be for the time been.
When it's time to reload if things don't work reach out to Koodo via FB or Twitter after double checking all relevant info.

Cheers mate