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validity of the top-up voucher PIN ?

I am travelling in and out of Canada, around once a quarter. Therefore the prepaid plan is the best cost effective plan for me. I can pay only for the call minutes that I need when I am in Canada, and at the same time I can keep the same phone no. under the basic plan. I have bought a top-up voucher of $15 when I left Canada recently, so that I can still top up my account to keep my basic plan when I am overseas. It is because I am told that international credit will not be accepted for payment. My question is what is the validity of the top-up voucher PIN ? I asked at the Kooko kiosk when I bought it, the staff was not sure. One said seems to be 60days, and one said perhaps 90days. Will you please clarify for me?

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I believe the store staff was confusing the validity of the voucher with your prepaid SIM card.

You can let your prepaid account lapse without incident for up to 90 days, your minutes/data/texts will remain intact. After that, your account will be closed and you have to start all over again with a zero balance.

So if your absence is not more than a few months, don't renew your base plan but set up a reminder on your calendar to re-instate within 80 days (to be safe) or sooner if you return before then. You don't have to feed the meter while you are away.

Someone official from Koodo will have to confirm, but with most carriers' prepaid vouchers are good for at least a year.
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Hi there,

Vouchers have no expiry date. Just make sure to not lose the voucher and use it when you need it.