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I cant get my add on for data though I have a balance of $60.00 in my account. I am deaf and this has caused me to be be hospitalized because I had no interenet services. I need it to be added immediately so I can be discharged home. This is URGENT!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Shannon, there is not much we can do for you on here. Could you get someone fluent in sign language to call Koodo for you while you are in the hospital? If so here is Koodo's number 1 (866) 995-6636
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Hi Shannon, Since you are able to access this site, I would recommend you hop over to http://koodomobile.com/selfserve/ and add yourself a data add-on to your plan or even upgrade your plan to include data in it. On a side note, you are able to use data even if you don't have a plan for it, it just costs you a little more money than if it was included in your plan! On this support forum, none of us have access to your account or are able to add that to your account for you. If you are unable to access self serve, try to have a family member contact Koodo on your behalf to have the data added to your phone. Hope this helps!
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Mathieu wrote:

Hi Shannon, Since you are able to access this site, I would recommend you hop over to http://k...

Hi Mathieu, 

That's correct! However, it only works with a post-paid service. Shannon is using prepaid 🙂
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Hi Shannon,  

Did you try to add it through Self Serve? If you have enough funds, you should be able to add it: Click Add Booster > Use the black arrow buttons to add/ remove Boosters > Click Apply Changes ; A pop-up window appears to confirm > Click OK.

Note that if you have a Blackberry, you will need a recent model (OS 10) in order to add a data feature.

Let us know what happens!