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Unlocked Virgin Moto G. Kit kat?

If I buy a Moto G from Virgin ($150 out the door) and then unlock it to use on my prepaid Koodo, will I still be able to upgrade to kitkat? Or will the koodo network take a look at my phone and say "You silly goose, this isn't a koodo/telus phone!" and keep me on jelly bean? It's an amazing price right now. i really don't feel like paying an extra $100 just for the sake of a $5-10 unlock.

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Yeah you should be fine. I haven't heard of any updates being declined due to not using the original provider. Worst case scenario is if it does get blocked you could find someone or a kiosk with a virgin SIM card and borrow it to do the update.
Cool, thanks. Virgin's website sells it as coming with kitkat, but I just wanted to make sure in case it's more along the lines of "JB enabled but kitkat ready" or something like that. I guess I'll see when it gets here.
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It doesn't matter where you use the phone on for updates it's purely dependent upon the carrier the phone was purchased on, so if you get a Virgin phone the software on the phone will always be updated by Virgin and Koodo will have nothing to do with the updates just because your using it on their service.
@ Paul I did not know that. Interesting, thanks.
Just an update. Virgin's Moto G comes shipped with KitKat preinstalled. Ordered it and received it in less than 3 business days. Paid $2.99 for an unlock code on ebay and received it in less than 2 hours. An impressive device for $150.
That's the cheapest unlock code I've seen! Why can I never find that kinda price!?