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Unable to activate my new prepaid card; Stuck at step to choose new number

  • 5 February 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi, I bought a new prepaid sim card from Amazon. I tried activating the card online, but got stuck at the second step where I select a new number. The page says LoadErrorMessage. I tried redoing the activation on different devices and I hit the same issue when selecting that I need a new number. How do I fix or work around this issue?

3 replies

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What browser are you trying this on? Try another browser, clear your cookies, or incognito mode. Does any of these solve your issue?

I have tried different browsers - Chrome, Firefox and Samsung; cleared cookies; gone incognito. Face the same issue.

Stuck here. Where I can't choose number


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Weird… you could try to contact Facebook and tell them you are stuck at selecting a number with the error you’re getting. They will be able to complete the setup for you and then you can change your number to anything you want!