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Trying to set up voicemail on koodo prepaid

Hi. I am trying to set up my voicemail on koodo prepaid. My general plan is active, and I just added a 500 min talk booster. I phone up my own number as directed, and a message comes on that this phone number is not active, though it is. What do I do next??

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Hi Ian, Try to switch off your phone for a minute, then back on, this might activate your voicemail 🙂 Let us know if that worked!
Hi Sohia, Thanks, but no, it not work - though I do get a different message - now it says that I cannot reach the client that I am trying to reach - try again or call *661 when I call *661 it says that this number is not in service. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy-Q SGH T589R. it used to be on the Rogers network - I unlocked it online. I have been told that certain features may not work on previously locked and now unlocked phones. Have I run into this as a problem here do you think!! I sure like this whole community thing - and the communities are becoming more and more numerous, which is good!! Ian
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Ian de Bie wrote:

Hi Sohia, Thanks, but no, it not work - though I do get a different message - now it says that...

Ooh I see the answer I typed in yesterday didn't get through... I noticed you typed *661 but the actual number is *611... do other features work such as can you make a call to another number? And yes this community is awesome, be careful you don't get addicted like some of us 😃
Hi Sophia I'm already addicted!! And this is the first community that I have officially joined, though I have been an advocate of communities for the past 10 years.! 6 or 1, or 1 or 6 makes a big difference - I will try again later today and report back. Thanks for the info, and thanks for putting a smile on my face! Ian de Bie, Scientist Borealis Global Research, Inc. Be part of the story. Launch date December 1st 2013
Hi again Sophia and whoever else is following this thread - it took some time, but it looks like it did re-set as you had predicted it might. Thanks!!! Now I have to find where to comment on some glitches i have discovered on the Koodo website. Ian
Hee hee i am not a NOOB anymore i think