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Trying to activate prepaid phone in the Yukon, but no drop down tab for location, only BC ??

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I'm not too sure on what you're trying to say with "no drop down tab for location, only BC". If you want to activate your phone with Koodo Prepaid, you can sign up for a Prepaid Self Serve account and begin topping up your account with your credit card. You'll need a Prepaid SIM however which you can get from a Koodo Store or buy it online(?). You can also top up your account by buying vouchers at a Koodo store also. Link to Koodo Prepaid Self Serve: https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com/
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Saoirse, do you mean that when you get to the part in setting up your prepaid phone online, where you choose your phone number, that it isn't giving any options for the Yukon?