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Trouble Activating Prepaid Phone

Out of frustration, I've now come to posting on here.
I've tried multiple times throughout the day to activate a prepaid phone with a newly purchased prepaid sim card. With multiple issues trying to progress through, such as the first encounter: self serve crashes after the second step, "select new phone number", with crashing again on the second encounter (after waiting the 50 minutes, each problem), after choosing a new phone number, to the third time, crashing after attempting to activate, to the forth time, crashing when trying to customize the last 4 digits of the new phone number, to the final fifth time, crashing after selecting a premade new phone number.
During each attempt, I've cleared my cookies and tried multiple different browsers.
My concern is, if I have to call I noticed there are activation charges by phone, and I'm worried that won't be waivered because of the trouble I am having.
I do not have an existing number to port. I have a plan with Koodo, I just need to set this one up as an emergency phone to leave for a sitter while I travel. I loved Koodo's service, and have been with them for a couple years on a plan, but I'm getting thoroughly frustrated on a simple prepaid setup.
Clearly, it's not going to work online, and I am not paying for phone activation when this isn't my issue. Any advice on how to approach this?

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What do you mean by crashes. What errors are you getting? As well, if the activation site isnt working for you, when you call in, just tell them that and you wont get charged.
Mostly just constant spinning. I'd leave it open for roughly 15-20 minutes before giving up and closing them. I've gotten the "oops! Something went wrong." error for two of the attempts, but cannot recall which ones.
I'm glad to know that they won't charge me if I mention the problems I've had. I'll have to call in tomorrow.
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Mostly just constant spinning. I'd leave it open for roughly 15-20 minutes before giving up ...Have you tried using a different device? (Different computer). As well, you can schedule a call back if you wish at https://koodomobile.com/chat
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The prepaid sites seem prone to some of those problems, often on a weekend when some updates are being done.
A suggestion that worked for me: clear browsing history and cookies from the last 2 hours (or before you first made contact) and try again.
Otherwise, you may have to call in or schedule a callback.