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Transition to Pre-Paid

Thought over what is available and here is my plan to save money. Son requires phone (not much of a talker nor texter but wants Iphone4) but Mom wants to know when he reaches school etc as he is starting HS. Option 1. Purchase phone at kiosk will be $350 (+tx); will receive a $20 activation credit and $20 sim card; will then purchase $15 base and $25 booster (500min) which will last at least 6 months. Seems easy enough. Option 2. Purchase at Best Buy who are offering a $50GC upon activation; he'll enter our account on the $30 Canada plan and have $300 on tab. After 1 month, will purchase pre-paid sim ($20) and cancel his postpaid account by paying $291 (tab). On prepaid now will go for same approach as above (15 base and 25 booster). Realizing as I am writing that this will save $25 after the month plus I would have the 50.giftcard. Is this diable or even more important worth it? Thanks for comments.

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That should be doable and not diabolical or diable.
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I would check with your son's high school policy regarding cellphones. Where I live, some high schools have banned use of cellphones in classrooms, and 2 of them banned them from the entire building altogether (mainly because of theft). If you still want to go ahead with the purchase, then you figured things out pretty much accurately! 🙂 Whether $25 is worth it is entirely up to you though, it's much simpler to go prepaid right from the start, so it's your call on this one! Hope it helps! 🙂
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I personally wouldn't start a teenager on postpaid. Not even for a month. I started on prepaid (and stayed on prepaid until I was finished high school). My sister who's starting grade 11 is still on prepaid. The reason is that you'd be surprised at what a teenager with a smartphone can do to your bill. Data is the big issue. For example, my sister burned through her 100 MB of prepaid data on her prepaid plan (she's on Virgin) in a day. Only she didn't do it, but rather her friend did it. It wasn't a big deal at all because she's on prepaid and could not incur extra charges because her data just cut off. It was still a learning experience for her, but not an expensive one. Just to note that she's a well-behaved kid on the honour roll who's technologically literate and has a Mobile Master brother. She knew about data limits and such, but we are talking about teens after all. I think that the potential $25 in savings isn't worth the hassle. On another note, I don't think that a brand new iPhone 4 is a worthwhile purchase either. Theft is a big issue in high schools. Teens are also less careful with their things than adults. We got my sister a used, mint condition iPhone 4 for $200 on Kijiji, and that was last Christmas. She was as happy as if it was a new phone (though we've since rewarded her with an upgrade to a 4S which I found for $300 and then re-sold her 4 for $200). Just something to consider, especially if you live in/near a large enough city for Kijiji to offer enough choice. Good luck!