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Transferring balance to booster and won't add my visa debit?

I just set up my new prepaid phone,it came with a $20 bonus and then I added my base plan which is $50. So Inow have a balance of $20,I want a booster of the $25 talk anywhere in Canada,however. A) I do not know how to transfer my current balance to a booster and B)The site is not allowing me to add my visa so that I can pay the additional $5 for the booster that I want? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't really help with A much (only have ever had postpaid) but for B is it an actual visa, not a visa debit or prepaid visa? Is your name/billing address for the card the same as the one you entered with Koodo.
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Hi Kriss, To answer A 🙂 You can use your balance to buy a booster automatically, just click "add boosters" and then you can use the remaining credit to get the booster you want 🙂
Thanks for the replies,it is a debit visa that I have,it seems to work for everything else that I want,but I suppose it's not the end of the world,as there are other top up options And thanks,i'll try adding it in
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Unfortinately, the systems do not take visa debit 😞.
ok thats fine,just needed to figure out what was going on,thanks for the help:)