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transfering numbers

current prepaid phones need to be topped up by midnight today thinking about switching to koodo prepaid can i switch my number to koodo. do not want to spend money on top up if i a going toswitch

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Ack Jeffrey, that would be cutting it fine... but I guess if you do it NOW you could get away with it... but then nothing should go wrong. It usually takes place within an hour or so. Do you have a Koodo prepaid SIM card yet? Truth be told I'd top up your current prepaid provider once more just to be 100% certain your number will be ported worry free, but of course that's up to you 🙂
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Your account have to be active when you port your number...so I would do top up like Sophia said.
no sim yet really did not want to waste the money for the top up. it usually runs about 60.00 plus for 2 phones cannot get new ones till tomorrow which is tomorrow