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transfer wireless number

Hello I cancelled my Koodo plan yesterday. My service is off now. I would like to transfer my number my prepaid plan but this the message that Im getting: "The number you entered is invalid. Please check to ensure you’ve entered the number correctly. If you continue to receive this message, call 1-866-99-Koodo for assistance." please help me, I don't have no other way to pass a phone call

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I'm pretty sure your account has to be active in order to port your number.
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Ooh. If the # is no longer in service then you're out of luck, bud. You should have simply ported out without cancelling. Still, cancellations usually take up the end of your billing cycle to complete so I would call tech support to see if its still available to be ported.
oh no snap too late 😕 I will go to the store then to figure. coz I can't even call no more 😕 thank a lot guys