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Transfer Prepaid Account to new SIM Card possible?

Hello, is it possible to transfer my previous Koodo Prepaid Account to a new Prepaid SIM card? I lost my phone the other day, though I was smart enough to password protect everything so I know they don't have access to the phone or make any calls after checking my usage history through self serve online... I got a new phone and new SIM card and tried to see if I could use the "Change SIM Card #" option in Self Serve...Though, it accepted my new SIM Card #, the phone can't seem to detect the Koodo network and limited to emergency call and Network indicator is only a hollow triange? My guess is my account and phone # is still linked to the old SIM? Any help is appreciated Thansk

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Did you try to reboot your phone?
Yes, 10 times including taking out and reinserting, when on, when off, waited 30 minutes, drained the battery...LOL
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The problem from what you've said actually appears to be from your phone, not Koodo. Everything is fine on the Koodo side. What phone are you using? Did you make sure it's a Koodo phone or if its not, did you make sure it's unlocked? From what you said, it does not appear to be a Koodo phone.
Hmmm, that could be the problem as I got a new Moto G from a buddy who had an extra one, but was locked to Virgin Mobile... Though, I was able to unlock the bootloader, did a wipe and installed custom rom with everything rooted? The phone is model: XT1032 The available networks after scanning are: Bell, CAN Rogers Wireless, and Telus Doesn't Koodo use HSPA+ network like Bell and Virgin? Thanks for quick response guys
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Sounds like it's still not unlocked (bootloader is different from SIM slot) or you have 2G enabled. Go to Settings > More... > Mobile Networks. Make sure you have it set to 3G.
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Sounds like it's still not unlocked (bootloader is different from SIM slot) or you have 2G enable...I agree with Jonathan. Doesn't sound like it's unlocked. As far as I know, rooting doesn't unlock the phone. Still needs to be unlocked. But yes, Koodo uses HSPA+ like Bell and Virgin.