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Topped up twice. Need the second one reversed

Hi, I topped up my account the other day using my debit/visa and clicked on automatic top ups afterwards. I wasn't aware that the auto top up would start right away as I just previously topped my account up. So my account has been topped up twice. Is there a way to reverse the second top up and have the funds transferred back into my account.? Thanks kindly

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Hi Jesse,

You will need to contact Koodo for this via *611 from your mobile phone. Explain to them your situation and they will be able to assist you and possibly refund you the 2nd top-up!
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Registering your card for automatic top-ups doesn't automatically charge your card so that doesn't make sense. Whatever actually happened, only customer service can help you out. *611 from your Koodo phone, option #6. You won't be charged $5 to speak to a rep.