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the SIM card doesn't work

I purchased a new prepaid SIM card and put it in my unlocked phone and it doesn't work, my phone works with other providers like fido, what is the issue?

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Could you give more details, please? Did you get a new line and activate and it's not working? Did you get a new sim card for a current account and the sim swap didn't work?
yes I got a new line, activate but it's not working with this device,

I asked your rep if it works with any phone, he mentioned yes if it's unlocked, now it doesn't work
can I return it?
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Check it with another device. If you don't have one, going to return it you can ask to put it into a demo device to see if the problem is with the sim card for sure. You can get the sim card replaced or confirmed there are no account issues.
OK thanks