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Texting Charges if I text (or receive from) friend (local number) in different country

I would like to know if I will be charged extra to receive (or send) a text to a friend who has the same local number as mine but she's travelling out of country (to Hawaii). So...if I'm texting her while she's in Hawaii will I incur extra charges....similiarly, will I be charged to receive her texts while she's in Hawaii, even though her number is considered local.

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You will not, she probably will.
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You won't be charged nothing. On the other hand, roaming text messages will apply to her if she isn't covered by any roaming package.
As long as you have unlimited texting included in your plan (which most of koodo plans have now - but if your plan is older it may not have this). Unlimited texting allows you to text anywhere in the world without worrying about extra charges as long as they originate in Canada. Assuming your friend is with Koodo have them add US roaming texting addons ( believe they are $15 for 400 texts) otherwise it is $0.60 per message incoming and outgoing which adds up pretty quick. If your friend is using an iphone and she is using imessaging then she would want a data roaming addon as imessaging uses data.