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Text from Koodo, wrong information.

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I received a text from Koodo today saying that I have used 90% of my data included on my data booster add-on.
I checked my account online and that says that I have only used   669.170  of  1024 MB. By my calculations, that is under 70%.
So, why would it be saying I am over 90%.

Also, when I checked my online account, in big red letters it said, "Your account has expired and will deactivate soon."
Is this a normal thing to happen on pay as you go accounts? My account does expire soon, and, it is auto top up. I have never noticed this before.

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Hmm, oddly enough, I am still no where near 90%
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No, Koodos site is not late, or slow. I keep a good eye on my data usage. I am still under 670 of 1024MB.

Yes, I have money for my account. It is all good now. My auto payment went through. Just strange that they put that on my online account.
Anyways, all is good there.
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I'd Koodo sent you that message it is probably because you reached 90%. Koodo's site might be late but the text message is sent automatically! As for why your count expires soon I can't help you much. Did you have enough money to pay your base plan lately?