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Text booster usage for messages I did not send

  • 19 September 2019
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I am a prepaid customer. I received a message that my US roaming text messages ran out despite not using them. I checked my booster usage, and found hundreds on outgoing messages to “7723,” despite never having texted this number, and the messages not showing up in my messaging app.
Is there any way I can get my text messages reinstated?

1 reply

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There were few customers mentioned about this issue. It was a problem with an Android phone trying to activate visual voicemail. This thread in the public mobile forum might be helpful for you (they suggested how to to fix that also) https://productioncommunity.publicmobile.ca/t5/Plans-Add-Ons/Text-messages-to-quot-7723-quot-So-Confused/m-p/313644/highlight/true#M37109