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Taxes doesnt reflect on transaction history

Im a koodo prepaid customer, and I'm really worried that the taxes doesn't reflects on the transaction history on SS, it would be nice to know the exact charge to a credit card even dough its a simple calculation it will be nice and transparent that the taxes reflects on the amount that we pay. Thanks.

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I think I get what you are saying but it does tell you when you set it up or make a one time payment what the total is with tax. So I really don't see a point. It's not much different than shopping anywhere or purchasing a service.
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Hi Gio!

Thanks for submitting your idea. Always good to hear what you'd like to see to make your experience better. 

The reason you won't see taxes displayed on your account history is that Prepaid works like a savings account. The transaction history is only showing the balance you are putting in and taking out of your account.

Best to save your receipts in this case. Thanks again!