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Talk/ text USA booster not working

I am in Florida for the week and I purchased the talk and text boosters. The talk doesn't work at all and the texting works very rarely? Have turned it on and off already

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Hello Shanon. Do you get an error message then calling? Have you dialled your number correctly +1-AREA-NUMBER?
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Shannon, pls go into your p[hone's settings look for 'carrier' and change from automatic to manual. Let us know if that fixes the issue. Bear in mind that you are not on our network in the US and depending on your location coverage will greatly vary.   
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I find when you're in the states you have to chose a carrier depending on the location. You have to change your settings to make it work. I was on the telus network when I was on Florida last and the only difference between the two is Telus automatically picks up the closest carrier but Koodo doesn't.  And they work off the same towers  You have to manually change that.  A pain but it should work,