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Talk booster questions

I have prepaid on my kids' phones- the $25 plan- so unlimited evenings after 7 and weekends. I also purchased booster talk minutes for them. Does this only get used during the weekdays??? I know that this carries over from month to month but can you still make or receive calls during those evening and weekend hours?

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Yes, it's only used up during weekdays or if they make LD calls.
Ok... So what if a relative from our homerown( therefore has a local number) is in another province for work? Does it matter who calls who? Does that eat up booster money if its after 7 or weekends in our area and is that considered long distance? Are texts still free in this case?
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Hey Diane,

Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging is included with all our Prepaid Base Plans 🙂 Calls after 7pm will not count towards your minutes (Booster) since Unlimited Evenings & Weekends Calling is included with the $25 Base Plan. You can click on this link: http://koo.do/1Hru8dM to check all our Prepaid Base Plans including Canada-wide plans (Prepaid) with Unlimited Incoming and/or Outgoing calls.

Hope this helps!
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That $25 plan is one of the few that doesn't automatically include Canada-wide, if I'm not mistaken.

Any incoming calls during the "free" period will be included in the baseplan, regardless of their origin. So if you have reason to organize calls from other relatives, get them to make those calls accordingly. Outside of those hours, any calls (incoming or outgoing) will eat into your boosters.

Any outgoing calls to your local area during the "free" period will be free, regardless of where the recipient is currently located. The recipient will have to deal with roaming, etc., not you, so don't be surprised if they don't pick up readily.