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System down in Québec city

It's been two days on a row where I can't receive call or send call my balance on my account is fine and my plan has been pay as it used to be so why the system is shutting down and don't let me make a call I'm a redient of Québec City and I'd like to get you fixed the problem

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Sunny, there seems to be a problem with prepaid users lately so you should find another phone and call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 and speak with technical support. I am not a Koodo employee and this is a public community for customers to ask general questions.
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I think if there was a broader problem more people would post here, wouldn't they? Maybe your phone needs to be reset?
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I too am having issues in Toronto (North York area) with 2 x prepaid handsets. Calls take forever to dial out and calling *611 yields two peeps and hangs up. I have removed battery and sim from both and still seems to be sporadic. Service has been solid since last year and hoping this is just a minor issue that will be resolved soon.