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Switching phones (both take different sim cards) and transfering my prepaid account ?

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I bought an iPhone 5c unlocked from the Apple store. I set it up on Koodo prepaid at a kiosk a few days ago. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the phone. A friend gave me her Samsung Galaxy S2x (unlocked). If I buy a sim card from Koodo can I transfer my prepaid account from the iPhone to the Samsung using the self serve option on the website? I'm guessing I need to register the sim card first? I want to keep my same phone number. Or do I need to speak to someone at a Koodo kiosk for this transfer? Thanks!

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You sure can! There should be an option on self serve to change your sim card http://help.koodomobile.com/prepaid/using-prepaid-self-serve/what-can-i-do-in-prepaid-self-serve
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Thank you Dennis! 🙂