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Switching from Telus to Koodo

how do i change my telus prepaid phone to a koodo one? it use to be a koodo number but i bought a new phone from telus and i want to make it a koodo phone now

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If you have an active Koodo line, you may be able to just pop it into the Telus phone and everything should work (most of newer Telus phones don't need to be unlocked to work with Koodo). If your line is with Telus, go to a Koodo kiosk and ask to try one of their SIM cards in your phone to see if it needs to be unlocked. If it does, you'll need to get it unlocked first. If not, buy a prepaid SIM there and ask them to port the number in from Telus (which will deactivate the Telus line on your behalf).
Awesome thanks so much Ivan, we will go to the mall tonight i guess lol 🙂 cheers