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switched from post to prepaid. Account set up but no service

Switched wife's phone and mine to prepaid from post paid. Wife's has service but mine has zip. Tried rebooting and removing sim card but nothing. Account online is all correct, the right sim card number and phone number. I may of got the EIMI of the phone wrong, does this matter.

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Maybe yes, maybe no. Read the following and then call Koodo customer service when they are open. When I did my switch on self-serve, they didn't seem to consider the possibility of 2 lines.

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Having the IMEI  on your Koodo account makes no difference at all. You can plug your SIM card in 4 different phones throughout the day and it'll keep working just fine.
Waited until the following day, rebooted the phone and it worked. I guess it was just a time thing.