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Suspended Account Can't Log In to Update Credit Info Because Password Reset Email Not Received

Number suspended because my credit card expired. 
Need to log in to prepaid self-serve to update card info to new card. 
Can't remember password, so clicked "forgot password" and had it sent to my email. 
Reset email was not received. It's not in junk mail either. 
Tired calling customer service at 9:39am, but they said they were closed. 

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Try forgot password again. Then you would need to contact Koodo directly.
Tried four additional times. Still nothing. 
Sent a direct Facebook message to Koodo. 
Also called their customer service number during open hours. No answer. 
Bought a top-up voucher at the kiosk in the mall in person for now. Will have to keep doing that monthly until they finally get back to me.