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Hi I am wanting to buy a pre paid cell from someone off an auction. Is there anything I need to get from the person? How do I know if the phone is not stolen?

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Run the IMEI through this tool here.

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Get the IMEI (basically, the unversal serial number, like a VIN from a car). You can check it against Koodo's eligibility list, but you still won't know if it's locked to another carrier.

If it's not stolen or blocked otherwise, you may be able to get it unlocked when you sign up for NEW Koodo service, depending on their current policy.

Short of going to a Koodo boutique and getting it activated in the presence of the seller, there are no guarantees.
Thanks guys!
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You can check Koodo's Certified Pre-Owned phone too. You don't need worry about if it's stolen or not, it's works for Koodo and comes with warranty. You can call nearby Koodo stores and ask them what they have in stock. (Each store has different variety and quantity of the pre owned phone)