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so my alcatel onetouch reset......how do i undo that? can i recover everything i lost?

i was sleep, woke up and it was at a screen asking me what language i use then asked me to connect to a wifi, so basicallly the same thing i did when i started my phone for the first time.......i feel sick i had everything on it....i have an sd card but it dosent have much on  it, what can i do?

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If your preferences were set to [b]Backup my data to Google servers, then you can breathe a little easier.

First things first, turn OFF mobile data once the phone has rebooted. Your "remembered" wifi networks have to be set up manually again. You then can then sign in to your Google account, go into the PlayStore settings and make sure that updates are allowed only while connected via wifi.

Then [b]restore the phone from an existing backup.

May take a while if there were a lot of apps since all of those updates you've received over the last while will have to be re-installed.

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Hey Gwen,

Have you tried Bob's instructions? If you still need help, you may visit the Alcatel OneTouch forum for a specific support and see if other Alcatel OneTouch users experienced the same issue. Here's the link: http://forum.alcatelonetouch.com/

Hope this helps! 
Do you have any backup of them?  If you have synced the data before, you can recover from the backup file. If not, I think you should not add more data to your device anymore. Then, it is better for you to try some professional recovery methods, like diskdigger or Recuva, or you can also try third-party android data recovery programs.