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sims inactive

I would like to know after having my galaxy ace and spending the money to top it up again why my sim is inactive .... I have tried texting and this is where my problem occurs it says i dont have an active sim card and text wont go through ... what do I do to fix this problem short of going back to the people i bought this phone from

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Has your phone worked at all? Have you tried to turn off, remove battery, sim for at least 1minute and replace sim, battery and turn on the phone?
i have tried both of those by turning off removing battery and by removing sim card as well for at least 5 mins then returned em both to proper places and turning it on again .... still shows up as an unregistered sim
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Hi there, I suggest that you try this: Tap the Menu button - Settings - Wireless & Networks - Mobile network. If you see a checkmark next to "Use only 2G networks", tap to remove it as this would prevent your phone from connecting to our network. if it still doesn't work, your SIM card is probably faulty and the best is to go dierctly to a Koodo store to get a new one: http://koo.do/oR0Tvb.