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sim switch account pro

  • 22 May 2020
  • 2 replies

I'm in able to get into the account attached to my sin card I got a new phone and I can't get in to the Koodo self serve account and it's not letting. Me in with my number  I have a brand new Koodo sin and phone  I can't call because it hangs up on me after telling me there is no one  available due the the covid vriuse  and I can't get the help indeed I need this pp gone to work it's my life line and my income 

2 replies

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Have you received an activation email from Koodo? Is your  Koodo phone working (call/text/data)  as of now? 

When you tried to get access to your selfserve, what was the specific error message? 

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Maybe periods in your post (in the right places) so you form complete sentences would allow me to understand what the heck you are saying.