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SIM specific settings question

Hello gals and guys! I am having confusion over comprehending what settings are phone specific and what are SIM based. If my device, supposedly a non-smart type GSM modem chip, has to be on 2G GSM network with Frequency band 850Mhz or 1900Mhz, can it be pre-set in SIM configuration? Or else I am missing something essential here in my view? If so a YES, I need to pre-configure the SIM for the specific device to work correctly, can I buy a programmer to play the SIM myself if not locked? Or, alternatively, can I use a smart phone to set it up, then switch it into my device? Thanks in advance for clearing my confusion. Best to all.

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There is no programming of SIMs. They just need to be activated. The issue with compatibility lies within the phone and Telus/Koodo's network, not the SIM. They don't have 2G, so any phones that only use 2G are out. You'll need either an old CDMA phone (which will be shut down by next year) or a 3G-capable phone that is sold by them or is unlocked and uses the 850/1900 HSPA bands. There's additional different bands for LTE, too.
I realize this, and thanks for your input, it is appreciated. I am not talking in particular about KOODO, there are only two options for me, as discussed earlier, Rogers and allies like FIDO. Even though I am still not 100% certain that it will be a success. That is why I asked about SIM settings. In a phone you can see and control network defaults, for instance, change it to use only GSM or else. In the device, I am talking of, it should be handled by either firmware or by external device and its means of control over the radio. Something like that...
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Alex Handy wrote:

I realize this, and thanks for your input, it is appreciated. I am not talking in particular abou...

I'm still a little confused by your wording of the question. You can't change the radio frequencies in the phone, you can only change which network it will attempt to connect with based on the SIM card you're using.
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This is a Koodo specific forum. People here are very helpful when dealing with getting PHONES to connect to the KOODO network. I don't think you will find a lot of help with how to configure your 2G modem chip to connect to the Rogers/Fido network. You should probably contact the device manufacturer for further assistance.
@ Jonathan I, I am confused with your confusion of my wording... What exactly are you confused with? I am trying to understand some basic principles, not specific to an operator. I am not changing the radio frequencies, however it may be possible if the radio is software defined and digital. @Timo, yes, you're probably right. I am abusing your helpfulness and hospitality in this forum by asking non KOODO specific questions. Enough is enough. Thanks anyways.
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Not so much abusing our helpfulness, just asking in the wrong place. Few people here, if any, have any knowledge of the device you are trying to use, and most of our knowledge is specific to getting devices to connect to Koodo's network, which according to the specs you have provided is not a possibility.
@ Timo Fair enough, trust me this place has been helpful to me. I received, in general, the information needed. Thanks to all.
Thanks to all for your answers. The issue has been resolved and the only option was offered by ROGERS. Their SIM worked in my device nicely unlike all other providers, which failed.