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sim card numberr not available for activation

  • 8 December 2021
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So I signed up with Koodo online about 2 weeks ago, using my own phone so I just had to purchase the sim card. Sim card came in mail today and I go to set everything up. I fill in all of my information and put in the sim card number that it asks for and I get the following message sim card number is not available for activation. So I guess who ever entered the number on Koodo’s end when they issued it entered it wrong. I left Koodo a long time ago and came backl deciding to give them another chance but I already get the feeling I made a mistake. At least I could talk to a human before I use my phone for business and this is costing me every minute I waste trying to activate a service I have already paid for. Not cool Koodo.

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3 replies

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Have you received the activation email from Koodo? Did you order a prepaid or postpaid service?

Also, if you ordered a postpaid service with the order number (Starting with HFO...), can you post here, someone might know the answer.

When you mentioned “you filled the information”, which page was it? was it the prepaid or postpaid page?

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How did your order your prepaid sim? 


Does the sim card already work when you enter it I to your phone? 

I have a suspicion you didn't order a prepaid sim but ordered a postpaid sim.



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Does the SIM card work already? Can you make phone calls and send texts?