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SIM card not activating

  • 14 January 2022
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Hi, my koodo iPhone arrived with a new SIM, I’ve been trying to change my SIM card on the koodo website but after I entered the verification code, it has stalled. Have tried a couple of times, all I get are the 3 blinking circles. How do I change my SIM card? It says it should take 15 minutes but it’s been over half an hour now

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4 replies

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Does your old sim card still work? Use it instead if it does. You are not required to use the new sim card that you receive.

I can do that, but it seems weird that I am sent a SIM card that can’t be activated. My old SIM card has been used in 2 previous phones. Sooner or later I’m probably going to need a new card.

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It's not that the sim card you were sent can't be activated, it's more that the website assists to be glitching out for you and it may not be worth putting in the effort to sort that out at the moment. Sim cards are designed to last for many years and to be regularly swapped from phone to phone. I've had the same sim card for something like eight years and give through at least ten phones in that time. The sim is still going strong. There's no reason to think yours is likely to fail soon just because you've used it in two phones.

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Better to just keep the new sim as a spare for when your old Sim Does fail.

If you swap to the new sim now, the old sim will be deactivated permanently after around 30 days of not having that line activated on it. Also note that once a line is activated on a sim, no other line is able to be activated on that sim