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Should I change from monthly to prepaid?

First, how do I go about making the change? Is it worthwhile for me? I make 2-3 locals in a week. A few texts. Take no calls. Use only wifi. No data usage. I currently pay something like $28.00 mo.

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Hi Marlene, Based on what you're saying, it should definitely save you some money, but don't take my word for it, you can calculate things for yourself here: http://goo.gl/88DFC Why pay for something you don't use? You might even look into a "regular" prepaid service such as Telus, $5 per month will get you 250 texts and local calls will be $0.15 per minute (LD calls will be EXPENSIVE though). Their monthly top up requirement is $100 per year, Koodo $13.50 per month with automatic top up. Let us know what you decide!
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Sounds like the $15 prepaid base plan is perfect for you! it comes with unlimited messaging. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/prepaid.shtml If you ever need to make a call you can always buy a booster for calling. You should go to a kiosk and they will port your number to prepaid and get you set up with a prepaid sim card. once your number is ported from postpaid to prepaid, the postpaid line will automatically be canceled.
Thank you both. So far, so good. Does Koodo have a pay as you go service for phone calls? Sorry for the dumb questions. I can't find these things on the Koodo site.
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Marlene Lavallee wrote:

Thank you both. So far, so good. Does Koodo have a pay as you go service for phone calls? Sor...

No problem, Marlene. Check out the link Daniel provided. How it works in a nutshell: You need to get a base plan for $15 (10% off that if you use automatic top up). You get unlimited messaging with that. Then you need to buy a talk booster, which will give you a number of minutes that will never expire. For example, the $25 booster will get you 500 minutes and as long as you keep your base plan active, they never expire. If you call as much as me, that'll last you a full year 😃 You can also buy a data booster if you have a smartphone, but you don't have to. Hope that helps and welcome to the Prepaid world of Koodo - we prefer to call it the Sunny side with pink ponies, beautiful flowers and cookies 😃