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Roaming Booster for Prepaid

  • 6 November 2014
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I think it would be cool if Koodo Prepaid had a say $5 unlimited roaming text booster for 2-3 days...it will keep the cost low for us, and the same time allow our prepaid phones to work in US...

4 replies

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To my knowledge, no prepaid phone works across the US-Canada border in either direction.
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Yeah, it's not worth it for carriers to offer unlimited plans for prepaid customers cross border, or at all for that matter. Prepaid customers tend to abuse their unlimited plans (see Public Mobile and Mobilicity, both going out of business).
Arew you suggesting that texting can bring a company down to its knees?
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I personally think Prepaid Roaming can be a Bountiful Thing. Imagine, "The NEW Postpaid", just Chuck Post back in the Box, and Put Pre there